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There are a myriad of channels, both public and private, that are
available for everyone to use. You can get a list of the channels by
typing <channel list> or simply typing <channels> will give
you options on how to customize which channels you wish to receive and
those you want shut off.

OOC forms of communication:
> question|answer <string> - A channel to have questions answered.
> <multiguild tag> <string> - a channel for your specific multiguild(s).
> glt <string> - The Guild Leader channel.
> newbie <string> - A good channel for newbies to ask questions.
> ooc <string> - Global channel for OOC communication.
> osay/say <string> - A channel for OOC discussion in a single room.
> qsay <string> - The channel for those currently in a Quest.
> tell <player> <string> - A private channel for 2 people.
> vg <string> - A channel for the Visitor Guides.

-IC forms of communication:
> emote <string> - Most commonly used command to dictate a players
                   actions and words during RP.
> pemote <string> - Much like Emote, it is slightly altered but still
                    very useful to RP.

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