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Pronunciation: DAH-ess day-MAR

Daes Dae'mar, also known as the Game of Houses, is the primary means of
social advancement and financial gain throughout the great houses of
Cairhien and the other large cities.

Although the 'Great Game' is primarily participated in by members of
houses with title, or royal blood, it can be played by anyone, from the
lowest maid to the highest Lord.

To participate in the game, all you need is a goal that is also desired
by someone else, whether it's someone you know, or a complete
stranger. And the result of the processes used to achieve this goal can
be anything from the physical elimination of your opponent to just a
simple victory without hard feelings or social status change. And the
means and processes used to achieve your goal can be anything you can
think of, from spying and note-passing to infiltration, and from simple
poisons to outright fighting.

Daes Dae'mar isn't meant to be a full-time occupation, but can at times
seem like it, but instead it is meant to be the name for the ways that
are used which consist of anything from somewhat shady undertakings, to
outright deception and deceit. This is not to mean that all the methods
used, and the people using them need be 'evil', it just means that they can
be perceived differently by the various individuals and/or groups

On tyme the game is also a participate give the current Daes
Dae'mar GuildLeader a mudmail and tell us a bit about yourself.
But remember, if you get caught, you may be held accountable for your
actions, so be careful...

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