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}{                                                }{
{} An in-door life is less poetical,              {}
}{    And out of door hath showers, and mists,    }{
{}         and sleet,                             {}
}{ With which I could not brew a pastoral.        }{
{}    But be it as it may, a bard must meet       {}
}{ All difficulties, whether great or small,      }{
{}    To spoil his undertaking or complete,       {}
}{ And work away like spirit upon matter,         }{
{} Embarrass'd somewhat both with fire and water. {}

What are poets for, in such an age?
What is the use of poetry?

Gleemen are the traveling minstrels, bards, buskers, and
storytellers of the Age. Their signature patchwork cloaks
provide them welcome and acclaim wherever they go. The role
of entertainer is not an easy one, and the trade is not for
the weak of mind, body, or spirit.  But for those few whose
passions for enlightenment and enjoyment keep their feet
always moving forward and their eyes always looking to the
horizon, the trade can be a fulfilling and rewarding one.

To gain entrance to the guild of those most honorable souls,
the following steps must be undertaken:

-Send your character background and description to the
Guildleader.  Once they are approved, you will be recognized
as a seeker of the guild.

-Your background should be relatively comprehensive and
   include not only where your character comes from, but how
   and why he intends to seek out training to become a
Note - this may include a lack of a current in character
   desire to pursue the profession if you wish to have it be
   "unplanned" by your character.

-Your background may not include any official training
   toward the patchwork cloak without prior approval from
   the Guildleader.  Advancement within
Gleeman is
   accomplished from within the guild, not from without.

-Once approval to seek the guild is granted, you will need
to obtain sponsorship
from two active members of the guild
or the Guildleader directly.

-This does not require "Gleeman RP", necessarily, since
   at first your character should not really have the
   performance accumen to support performance RP.  Much of
   the sponsorship RP might be obtained with alts of active
   members, so remember that in addition to being performers,
Gleemen are also the keepers of many disguises and secrets.
Always RP at the highest level of your ability.

-Once sponsored, the Guildleader will speak with you to add
your character to the guild and provide an introduction to
the syllabus and expectations, both in- and out-of-character,
of members of the guild.

See the
Gleeman Guildleader or the Guild Immortal with any
questions, and happy seeking!

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