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Aiel (eye-EEl)
The Aiel are a race of people who live between the "wetlanders" in the Westlands
and the Sharans in the east, in a desert which the Aiel call the Three-fold Land
and which everyone else calls the Aiel Waste. Physically, Aiel can be recognized
through their unusual height, characteristic pale eyes and light-colored hair, as
well as their distinctive clothing.

Not much is known about the Aiel by the outside world. Any wetlanders (as they call
those who live to the west) entering the Waste are killed on sight; only peddlers,
gleemen and Aes Sedai are given free passage. Tinkers can also move freely in the
Waste if they so choose, as no Aiel will go near them. Aiel have a reputation for
being vicious fighters, a reputation which was known by Artur Hawkwing, after a
failed invasion, and by the Borderlands which have been raided repeatedly by the

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