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Aiel Waste
The Aiel Waste is a vast, arid land to the east of the Westlands,
separated from the latter by the mountain range known as the Spine
of the World, or the Dragonwall, to the west, the chasms and
precipices of Shara to the east, the Blight in the north, and the
Sea of Storms in the south. These four borders, and the hot, dry,
roadless terrain keep the Waste an isolated land, as does the
Aiel's harsh treatment of foreigners. Blistering temperatures
ravage the land by day and glacial ones freeze it at night. It is
a land of mountains and valleys dotted by numerous rock formations,
including many spires. It has almost no vegetation and what there
is, is small and virtually useless. Not many animals live in the
Waste, but the ones that do are usually as treacherous as the land

Despite the daunting environment, the Aiel people make the Waste
their home. The majority of Aiel live in and among the craggy rock
formations. These holds, as they are called, are approximately the
size of villages. The Aiel have their own name for the Waste, the
Three-Fold Land: First, because it is a shaping stone to make them;
second, it exists as a testing ground to prove their worth; third,
it serves as a punishment for their sins against the Aes Sedai. The
Aiel have absolute control of the land and only allow peddlers,
gleemen and Tinkers to enter it.

During the Trolloc wars, the Trollocs gave it the name Djevik K'Shar,
or "The Dying Ground," due to the immense ferocity and fighting
prowess of the Aiel.

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