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The city of Caemlyn is a major RP center on A Moment in
Tyme.  A large portion of the player population often can
often be found in this Andoran city. Caemlyn consists of
an Outer City and an Inner city.  The Outer City is where
most of the shops and businesses of Caemlyn are located,
as well as many inns and the homes of commoners.

The Inner City is where the nobility live, and where
the nicer inns and more upscale shops can be found.  It
is also where the Royal Palace is located at the highest
point of the city, its golden domes and pale bright walls
gleaming over the rest of the city.  In front of the Royal
Palace is the Oval Plaza, which is a popular place to find

Essential RP locations in Caemlyn:

Paths indicated are from the Main Intersection of Caemlyn.
To get there, type "recall CM".

Oval Plaza:
The Royal Palace:
2 x North
The Queen's Blessing Inn:
6 x East, 3 x South, East.
The Lion Banner Inn:
North, East, North.
The Embassy of Cairhien:
6 x West, South, West
Whitecloak Embassy:  
6 West, 3 South, West
Queen's Guard Barracks:
West, South, 6 x West, 6 x South, West
The White Stag:
2 x South, East, South
Shen an Cal'har Embassy:
6 x South, 5 x West, North
The Saucy Wench:  
6 x South, 5 x West, South
The Crown of Roses Inn:  
West, South

(A map of Caemlyn will eventually be added to this file.)

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