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A Moment in Tyme is a RolePlaying MUD, in the setting of the Wheel of Time
books written by Robert Jordan. This is some help on how this roleplaying
is organized, based on some frequently asked questions.

Question: What is a Moment in Tyme?
Answer:   A Moment in Tyme (or Tyme, or MiT) is a multiplayer roleplaying
          game set in the world created by Robert Jordan in the nine-book
          series of the Wheel of Time.
          Players in the game control 'characters' who go about acting as
          they would in this universe, trying to achieve their own goals
          or those of their guilds.

Question: How do i kill things?
Answer:   With the switch to version 3.0 of our codebase, the combat system
          was completly removed and work on a new system has been started.  The
          system, as it stands, allows limited fighting between players, and is
          entirely turn based.  It can not be used to attack mobs.  The combat
          system will be finished up in version 3.2 (aka MikkiMUD 3.2 or MM3.2
          for short)

Question: What is a guild?
Answer:   A guild is a group that people of similar backgrounds belong to,
          more or less loosely, ICly: some guilds (like the Aes Sedai) are
          very strict about their members' behavious and membership, while
          others (like Daes Dae'mar, the nobles' guild) is more loosely
          defined to include guards, Lords, Magistrates, etc.
          To get a list of prospect guilds, type "
help guilds".
Question: How do I join a guild?
Answer:   First, you need to decide on which guild(s) you are interested in.
          Then, with examination of the Guilds Recruitment Board (which is not
          In Character, by the way) you can find out what the guild you wish
          to join requires from its applicants.
          That board can be found by typing 'template list'.  ('help template'
          for more information on using the command.)

          Once you follow the instructions, simply type "
seek <guild name>"
          and start roleplaying. Usually, the more popular and influential
          a guild is, the harder it is to get in, demanding more sponsors,
          time, etc - but that is just a rule of thumb. Many "small" guilds
          are quite demanding and seek the highest quality of roleplayers.
Question: Where do I find roleplaying? I don't know anyone!
Answer:   To solve this problem, a Moment in Tyme offers several "tools"
          that can be used to locate others who wish to roleplay.
          To see what these tools do, type: "
help rpseek"
help where"
          In addition, certain rooms in the game's starting city, Caemlyn,
          are usually frequented: although you'll find more, two of them
          are the Oval Plaza, and the Lion's Banner Inn.
Question: Where do I find various places?
Answer:   Type "help newbie" for some starting hints. Also, feel free to
          ask on the newbie channel by typing "
newbie <Question>".
          A good resource to find specific places is found in "
help caemlyn".
Question: Where do I learn skills from?
Answer:   You can pick skills up in two ways:
          a) By another player's character. If you are in roleplay with
             someone, you can ask them to teach you something.
             Note that you are ONLY allowed to teach/be taught skills
             during roleplay, but you do not -need- to be roleplaying about
             being taught something specifically in that time, unless the
             lesson is about Weapon Mastery or Channeling Mastery skills.
          b) Your skills can increase while using them, albeit slowly.

Question: What are forms? Where do I find them? What do they do?
Answer:   Forms are 'moves' that your character may learn to defend himself
          or herself in combat and attack his opponents.

Question: Are there levels? How do I advance? What are RP levels?
Answer:   You can achieve levels by simply roleplaying your character
          Type "
help rplevels" for a description of these levels, and feel
          free to ask any Visitor Guide or Immortal for specifics.

Question: Who is everyone? Where are they?
Answer:   Type "who". If you see a 'tag' before people's names, it
          usually means they are either Immortals - part of the game's
          staff and not In Character entities - , Visitor Guides - who
          are mortal players wishing to help newbies to the game - and
          of course, Guild Leaders, who are in charge of a guild each
          and handle its matters.
          As to where everyone is.. it depends. There are many thousands
          of rooms on a Moment in Tyme, and various cities: when you
          begin your life you are in Caemlyn, the capital of Andor. From
          there you can go anywhere your roleplaying leads you.

Question: But what -is- everyone else?
Answer:   We aren't telling. :) Certain people wish to disclose the truth
          about their characters, especially if they play 'hunted' types
          like darkfriends, or male channelers. Usually unless someone
          tells you in an Out Of Character manner, you only find out
          through roleplaying - if at all.
          However, there are people whose reputations are widely known,
          and your character would have heard of. To learn about such,
          type "
help reputation".

Question: Wow, there are a lot of people with a lot of history.. a LOT.
Answer:   Since the game has been in progress for years, catching up with
          what has been going on might be a challenge. To assist with that,
          there is a history archive split in several IC places to keep
          track of what has taken place before. Type "
help update" for more.

Frequently Asked Questions list is a work in progress: more topics
will be covered as time passes, hopefully answering new players' first
questions about the vast world they are visiting.
If you see things missing from this list, please consult an Immortal for
it to be updated.

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