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An alias is a single command used to represent one or more other
commands. The ALIAS command can be used to manipulate your character's
aliases.  Type ALIAS alone to see a list of your currently defined aliases.

Syntax: <alias>

Type "
ALIAS <alias name> <command>" to create a new alias.  The
alias name must be one word.  The command can be any string. Any
command may be overridden by an alias.

> alias pbd playback delete all
> alias gac get all corpse

To delete an alias that you have made, type
ALIAS <alias name>.

> alias pbd
This would delete the alias "pbd" from your list.

A semicolon can be used to define multiple actions to be taken with
a single alias.

> alias st wake<semicolon>stand
Entering this alias while you were sleeping would make you wake up, then
stand up.

The variables
$1, $2, ... $9 may be used to represent arguments given with
an alias. The variable
$* may be used to represent any string of words after
an alias.

> alias nuke weave 'call fire' $1 <semicolon> weave 'implode' $2
> nuke dain jaret
This would weave call fire on Dain, followed by weaving Implode on Jaret.

> alias gdt wc $*
> gdt Morning guys, kill any DFs today?
This would allow you to use the WC guild channel by typing gdt <string>.

Variables may be used repeatedly and in any order.

> alias helpem weave 'heal' $1 <semicolon> weave 'protection' $1
<semicolon> weave 'strength' $1
This would cast all three of these weaves on the target.

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