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Aiel Fauna

- bloodsnake

This snake is thick as an arm and three paces long.
        Its bite kills in three minutes.
(V: 274: VI: 262)

- blindworm

(V: 127)

- capar

A boar-like beast in the Aiel Waste. It is smelly
        and foul natured. It's meat is edible and it's hide
        can be used for many things.
(V: 185)

- gara

Two feet long and thick, with yellow stripdes running
        down its bronze scales, this lizard can bite through a
        boot and has venom enough to kill a bull. It isn't
        dangerous unless you are stupid enough to step on it,
        although it does blend in well with the cracked clay of
        the Three-Fold Land.
(IV: 792)

- lion

A large, savage cat that has become accustomed to the
        harsh lands of the Aiel Waste. The males are maned, and
        the females hunt in packs. They have tan-brown fur.
(IV: 792)

- mountain king

A very poisonous snake which lives in holes in the ground
        in the Three-Fold Land.
(IV: 856)

- ridgecat

A medium-sized feral cat which is known among the Aiel
        for its stalking abilities.
(III: 456,IV: 298)

- rodehen

(V: 263)

- sorda

A sorda is a mean and especially vile rat, especially
        sly and good for absolutely nothing. Its flesh is rank,
        and even cats seldom ate the ones they kill.
(V: 92)

- stinkadder

(V: 60)

- two-step

The two-step is a small brown snake with deadly venom.
        It is said that those who are bitten by this snake are
        dead before they take two-steps.
(IV: 792)

- yellowfly

(VI: 287)

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