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Council is a multiguild designed for those who belong
to the various lawmaking and peacekeeping organizations
of the Land.  It is comprised of military policing bodies,
as well as magistrates, city clerks and other bureaucratic
officials who do not necessarily have noble titles. Some
nobles, however, may hold positions in Council in addition
to their noble position.  The Council guild is often
interchangeable with the Daes Dae'mar guild in the case
where a nobleman holds the rank of Captain of the Queen's
Guards, or where a noblewoman might also serve as a magistrate.
So if you wish for your character to be a Queen's Guard, or
a Magistrate, or a member of the Tar Valon city council,
this would be the guild to apply for.  Currently, this
guild does not have a GL, so applications should go through
the Storytelling Imms.

Those who wish to play a noble in addition to a Council
rank must still apply to join Daes Dae'mar as well.

This guild has generally mainly included Andoran officials,
but it is not actually limited just to Andorans.  It is
intended to include all civil servants of any nation.

See Also:  Multiguild, Daes Dae'mar

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