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                Help Information for Arad Doman

Pronunciation: AH-rahd do-MAHN

SIGIL:  A silver hand, grasping a silver sword by the blade,
        point down; the Sword and Hand.
BANNER:  The Sword and Hand on a field of four green and
         three blue horizontal stripes.
CAPITAL CITY:  Bandar Eban

The nation of Arad Doman lies off the coast of the Aryth Ocean,
and has relied largely upon trade for its wealth.  Over the
years, Arad Doman has bickered with the nation of Tarabon over
the land to the south known as Almoth Plain.  This bickering
came to outright war, just before the arrival of the Seanchan.
Arad Doman is one of the few nations which surrendered to the
Seanchan after the former ruling family was deposed or had fled
the country.  As a result, Almoth Plain was 'awarded' to Arad
Doman for its cooperation, and both territories are now ruled
by Philipe Ankaer, High Lord of the Blood, a native of Arad
Doman raised to the Blood after swearing the Oaths.

The nation's capital is Bandar Eban, which is said to have
been built on the ruins of an older city after the War of the
Hundred Years.  It lies at the mouth of the River Daghon on
the coast of the Aryth Ocean, and is home to the famous Terhana
Library.  Since the arrival of the Seanchan, the city has been
stable. No one seems to know what happened to King Alsalam since
the Seanchan arrived, nor the rest of his family.  Rumors suggest
that the Seanchan did something to them, and these rumors tend
to cause a great deal of uneasiness among the people.  There
are also rumors of a "Domani Resistance" beneath the surface,
and despite the Seanchan's best efforts to quell it, this small
group of brave souls somehow refuses to be crushed.


Arad Doman is a nation known best for its women and the skill
of its people in commerce.  Most Domani merchants are women,
and the nation has owed its wealth and success to their skill
in bartering and wrapping men around their fingers in a brand
of seduction that has become, among them, an art form.  Domani
women are legendary for their beauty, copper-skinned and
exceedingly graceful.  It is said they can twist a man around
their wrist with a look, and imprison his heart with a smile.
Their dresses are scandalous by most standards, barely opaque,
and clinging to every curve, hinting at everything, while
revealing nothing.

Domani men usually have long, thin moustaches and wear earrings,
and are known famously for their quick tempers.  Some blame
their temperament on having to deal with their women, while
others claim it is caused by eating with
sursa, which are
thin, lacquered sticks.

In the past, the Domani acquired much of their wealth by
trading with the Seafolk, but with the Seanchan presence,
the Atha'an Miere have been scarce.  Arad Doman's commerce
has turned to Tarabon and Saldaea, as well as through sea
trade with other nations and the Seanchan.

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