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In a few moments, a window should appear. Please wait on this page for the window to appear -- it may take up to two minutes, depending on your connection to the Internet.

NOTE: If you navigate away from this page, it will close the applet and disconnect your connection to the game.

Enjoy your stay!

You need a Java-enabled Web Browser in order to connect from your browser.
However, on Windows you can open a command prompt and type 'telnet 6969' to open a connection to the game.
See our Links page for links to easy to use MUD clients that you can use to connect. They are much easier to use than plain old telnet. You can also try our *NEW* Ajax enabled web client

NOTE: If you would like a more feature rich client experience, take a look at the clients listed under our Links page. Most of them are free and provide much more functionality than what is offered in our web based client.
You can also try our *NEW* Ajax enabled web client

Most clients will ask for two key peices of information: host name and port number. Our host and port are as follows:

Port: 6969

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