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Quests and Events are one and the same. They are run by Event Immortals
or occasionally by mortals with Event Imm supervision. Quests will be
announced, usually via gecho to inform the MUD that one is starting.
They range in content and can be anything the Event Imms can dream up.
Often, if you participate in a Quest, you will be rewarded Quest Points
which you may then use to purchase Quest Skills or perhaps useful equipment.
You will only receive QPs for participating in IC Quests.

Joining a quest is simple. To do so, when one is announced, type:
If the Quest is on a specific quest channel, you will be notified of this, and
must simply add a number after the command to enter that channel:
<quest 44>
In order to speak on the quest channel, type: qsay

See also: Qsay, Quest Points

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