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Upon gaining Practices either at creation or as you gain levels
in the game, you may use them to practice up your stats.

> train <stat/flow>
Valid arguments for Training are:
Str, Con, Dex, Air, Water, Spirit, Fire, Earth

Training stats is dynamic. This is to say that if you have your stats
at 8 when you log onto the MUD, then gain 20 levels, then train your
stats up, your raised stats will affect your past 20 levels, as well
as your future levels. Gone are the days of requiring maxed stats as
early as possible. There is nothing lost in raising stats at a later
level as opposed to raising them at level 1.

To raise a stat from:
01 - 15    1 practice
16 - 20    2 practices
21 - 25    3 practices

After a statistic reaches 25, the formula changes. Four practices are
required to raise a statistic to twenty-six. Five are needed to reach
twenty-seven, and so on. There is no ceiling for statistics.

See also: Levels, Stats, Flows

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