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A Darkfriend is a person who has elected to serve the Dark One, though reasons
vary widely. Some choose to serve the Dark out of a lust for power, others out
of a hope for immortality, and more.

Darkfriend male channelers can earn protection from the madness and rot caused
by the Dark One's taint on Saidin. Aes Sedai Darkfriends, the so called Black
Ajah, are no longer bound by the Three Oaths.

Joining the Darkfriends
Three easy steps:
1. Mudmail the Shadow Immortal(s) a background for the character seeking to
join. Include the
name of the character, why the character would want
to join the Darkfriends, and
how best to approach the character in an IC
2. Wait. The Shadow will find you.
3. Be Patient. The Shadow will find you.

Roleplay is required to join, much the same as any guild, but unlike other
guilds, you will probably not know when you are RPing with people who could
sponsor you. Endless bugging of the Shadow Staff will not  assist your
application and could, in fact, hinder it. See steps 2 and 3 above.

For any further questions, contact a Shadow Immortal.

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