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If you are playing a character who is not a Forsaken, you may nevertheless
have occasion to encounter and roleplay with one.  There are several important
things to bear in mind when interacting with a Forsaken character.

First, unless the Forsaken has identified himself or herself, your character
has no way of knowing who/what the Forsaken is.  Although the Forsaken have the
ability to disguise themselves, you should not assume that your character can
recognize a Forsaken on sight even if the Forsaken is undisguised.  So please
do not "wink knowingly" at them, or otherwise behave in a way incommensurate
with the knowledge your character would have of them.

Second, if your character IS aware that s/he is confronting one of the
Forsaken, this is cause for considerable fear and anxiety.  Remember that not
only are the Forsaken among the most powerful channelers of all time, but they
possess more knowledge of the use of the One Power than anyone else alive.
Boasting that you will destroy them and the evil master they serve is only
appropriate if your character is either very foolish, or is currently backed by
exceptionally powerful allies.

Third, remember that the people who play Forsaken characters often try very
hard to promote creative and interesting roleplaying on the MUD. This can prove
very difficult to sustain if players will not engage in cooperative
roleplaying.  What this means is that if a Forsaken is pretending to be what
you (the player, not the character you are playing) know they are not
(especially if they are disguised), it is inappropriate for you to refuse to
play along on the grounds that you (the player) are able to recognize a
Forsaken plot in the making.

See also: Forsaken, Darkfriend, Channeler, Disguise

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