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  As old as the need of all people to feel invigorating life,
soaring freedom of the imagination, and laughter to bring
to the soul, so long also have
Gleemen existed. Coming from all
walks of life, each with his or her own life story to tell,
Gleemen all share the same passion for public performances, as
well as the desire for a life of travel and political mischief.

Known as phenomenonal historians, storytellers, musicians,
tumblers, jugglers, thespians, and all-round entertainers,
Gleemen are constantly on the look out to rediscover lost tales,
or to create a new tale of delight, fantasy, and truth. In front
of villages and small town crowds, or in the audience of Kings
and Queens,
Gleemen are composure, confidence, grace, beauty,
and poetic timing all at once. Even when placed amidst
, Gleemen are the picture of grace and calm, well-known
yet unsuspected players of the Game of Houses.
Gleemen can be
information gatherers, spying sometimes comes as a natural
skill for some, yet the dangerous craft has to be learned
by others.

Easily recognized in their patchwork cloaks of blazing colors,
Gleemen are loved and welcomed everywhere, with the possible
exception of
Shayol Ghul. Enemies of none who would be prospective
audiences, they are not easily outwitted nor outfought. Quick minds
and fast hands, plus a great skill with words,
Gleemen are a force
that is quite of itself. Mainly though,
Gleemen bring excitement
and happiness into the lives of those around them. There is no fair
or celebration truly complete without them.

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