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Aiel Warrior Societies
All Aiel warriors belong to a Society. There are twelve
such societies.

Seia Doon (Black-Eyes), Far Aldazar Din (Brothers of the
), Rahien Sorei (Dawn-Runners), Sovin Nai (Knife-Hands),
Far Dareis Mai (
Maidens of the Spear), Hama N'dore (Mountain-
), Cor Darei (Night-Spears), Aethan Dor (Red-Shields),
Shae'en M'taal (
Stone-Dogs), Sha'mad Conde (Thunder-Walkers),
Tain Shari (
True-Bloods), and Duadhe Mahdi'in (Water-Seekers)

Women may become warriors, but they may only join the
Maidens of the Spear.

The Aiel Societies are complex organizations, almost as
tightly knit as clans.  Even if two clans are at war, one
society member would not fight another of a different clan.
Thus lines of communication are always open between the
clans. Some members of a society will not even marry close
kin to their society-brothers, as it would be like marrying
your own blood.

Each society has a different purpose, and there is specific
information in each clan under their personal help files (Listed
in red).

See also: Black Eyes, Brothers of the Eagle, Dawn Runners
Knife Hands, Maidens of the Spear, Mountain Dancers, Night Spears,
Red Shields, Stone Dogs, Thunder Walkers, True Bloods, Water Seekers.

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