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Aiel Sayings

I see you, [name] =
This is the standard Aiel Greeting used
in the Three-fold Land.
I am [name] of the [sept] [clan].  May you
        find shade this day =
This is the standard Aiel introduction used
in the Three-Fold Land.
May you always find water and shade =
This is usually used as something an Aiel
says when leaving.
My water is yours =
A sign of friendship offered and respect.
Water is scarce and a peaceful offering
can be used to strengthen relationships
between people or clans.
My water is yours and the shade of my
septhold will welcome you =
This sign of friendship can only be used
by a Sept Chief or a Clan Chief.
Your honor is mine =
A sign of great respect.
May I never know shade if I do(n't) =
Exceedingly strong oath.
Dance with me [name] =
Said to an enemy during battle.
Sleep well and wake/Sleep to wake =
Said at times of leaving as a goodbye.
Grounding the spears =
Making peace, or putting away thoughts
of war.
The dream ending/Waking from the dream =
Turning my own spear on me =
Giving me a taste of my own medicine.
Stab your own foot with a spear =
Shoot yourself in the foot.
Your tongue tosses bright colors on the wind =
You boast.
Shade of my heart =
My love.
May we see the sun rise together, shade of my heart =
I'll see you again, Light willing.
They hear only the wind =
They will not listen.
Some time again maybe, someday =
'Up spears!' =
'Ship', 'bridge', and 'city' are strange words to the
Aiel, and don't exactly roll off the tongue.
Most Aiel stumble over words like 'boat' and 'dock' --
they are just things in stories.
Aiel commands are sometimes phrased as suggestions.

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