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Aiel Terminology

General Terms:
Algai'd'siswai = Warriors. Literally 'spear fighters'
Armcry = Battlecall.
(The) Dance = Battle.
Da'tsang = Despised one.
Gai'Shain = Warriors who were taken in battle - they serve for a year and a day,
obeying humbly, touching no weapons, and doing no violence.
Insults = Cowardly snakes. Honorless dogs. Dogrobbers.
Ji'e'toh = Honor and obligation/Honor and duty.
Lost One = Tinker.
Oosquai = Potent liquor made of zemai. Brownish hued and mostly tasteless.
Regard-Gift = When a man gives a woman a gift.
Soft-Lands = The lands outside the Three-Fold Land.
Three-Fold land = Aiel name for the Waste.
Treekillers, Oathbreakers = The Cairhienin.
Water-Oaths = Anyone who takes water-oaths say that anyone with them will be
treated as if there are of the same society.
Watersharers = What the Cairhienan are called.
Wetlander = A non-Aiel, a person from the wetlands.
Wetlands = The lands outside the Three-Fold Land.

Shadow Terms:
Sightburner, Leafblighter, Sightblinder, Grassburner = The Dark One
Shadowsouled = Forsaken.
Eyeless, Shadowman, Nightrunner = Myrddraal.
Shadowtwisted, Leafblighter's Get = Trollocs.
Shadowrunners = Darkfriends.
Soulless = Gray Man.
Shadoweyes = Animals that spy for the Dark One. (Ravens, rats, etc.)

Common Sayings:
Grounding the spears = Making  peace, or putting away thoughts of war.
The dream ending = Dying.
Turning my own spear on me = Giving  me a taste of my own medicine.
Stab your own foot with a spear = Shoot yourself in the foot.
Your tongue tosses bright colors on the wind = You boast.
Shade of my heart = My love.
May we see the sun rise together, shade of my heart = I'll see you again, Light willing.
They hear only the wind = They will not listen.
Some time again maybe, someday = Never.

Formal greeting: I see you, [name].  May you find shade this day.
A gesture of respect: My water is yours.
Another word of respect: Your honor is mine.
Greeting: I see you, [name].
Greeting: I am [name] of the  [sept]  [clan].  May you find shade this day.
Greeting: May you find shade this morning, [name].
Goodbye: May you always find water and shade.
Goodbye: May you find water and shade, [name].
Goodbye: May you find water and shade this day, [name].
Goodnight: Sleep well and wake.
Thanks: My water is yours, and the shade of my septhold will welcome you.
Aiel Oath: May I never know shade if I do.
Aiel Oath: May I never find shade if (it is not/I don't/it is/etc.)
Battlecry: 'Up spears!'

'Ship', 'bridge', and 'city' are strange words  to  the Aiel, and don't exactly roll
off the tongue.
Most Aiel stumble over words like 'boat' and 'dock' --  they are just things in stories.
-This is growing less and less true the longer the Aiel spend in the wetlands and grow
accustomed to the softer lands.
Aiel commands are sometimes phrased as suggestions.

See also: Aiel Sayings

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