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  This command allows you to enter an in character (
Help IC) description
of your player, basically a list of physical attributes, as well as the
impressions other players should get when looking at you,  Simply type
description' to use it, and it will bring you into an editor in which
you can edit your description.  You can see other player's descriptions
by typing '
Glance (playername)'.  The description command allows you to
edit your current description, if you wish to keep your current description,
but would like to make another, type '


Description - Create or edit your description, close with @@.

Switchdesc  - Switches your current description with your alternate

Desc Clear  - Clears your entire description. (for use outside the
              description editor)

Options within description editor:

@? - Lists all the commands that are available for use within the

@# - When used with a specific number, it takes you to the beginning
     of that line,

@c - Clears every line within the description buffer.

@d - Used to delete a specific line, you must be on the line before
     you may delete it.

@e - Goes to the last line of the description.

@i - This command allows you to push the text from the line you're
     currently on, down to the next, leaving behind a blank line for new
     text to be added.

  You can also have extra descriptions set on your character, for things
others can notice about you. This can include your clothes, hair, weapons,
etc. Up to five such extra descriptions are settable.

To set or edit an extra descriptions:
description <keyword>.
For example:
description cloak.

Others can then see those if they type:
glance <your name> <keyword>.
For example:
glance olorin cloak.

To delete your extra descriptions, type:
description delete <keyword>.

See also: Glance, Switchdesc

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