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All full Sisters (
Aes Sedai) choose an Ajah, and they may choose from the following:

Red Ajah: The Red tend to dislike men and search out and gentle men who are able to
wield Saidin, believing this the only way to stop another Breaking.

Blue Ajah: Aes Sedai of this Ajah tend to work for causes or quests. They believe by
involving themselves in the world they can help remove the Shadow's spread, and thus
prevent another Breaking.

Green Ajah: The Green tend to love men and may hold bond with multiple warders. They
are what is known as the Battle Ajah. They hold themselves ready for Tarmon Gai'don,
the Last Battle, when light faces dark finally.

Grey Ajah: These are peace-makers and mediators, involving themselves in the dealings
of nations, as well as the Tower, to resolve conflict or ease it.

Yellow Ajah: Think of little else but Healing.  They strive to solve the problems, or
limitations, of Healing in the current Age. They tend to be the strongest and most
skilled Healers of all Aes Sedai.

White Ajah: Logical and stoic, the White Ajah eschews the world and the value of
worldly knowledge, devoting itself to questions of philosophy and truth.

Brown Ajah: Devoting their lives to the unearthing of lost knowledges and wisdom.
They tend to shut themselves off from the world in the process of scouring it for
lost artifacts, etc.

All but the
Red Ajah and Green Ajah have one warder. The Red Sisters do not bond
a Warder while the Green Ajah can have as many as she may desire (
however limits
may be imposed by the GL

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