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Prompts are not yet working correctly to compensate for the changes
brought in with MikkiMUD 3.0. Some of these work as they should, but
most don't. When they come back online, the helpfile will be updated
accordingly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The following fields are recognized by the prompt command:

&h       Hit points             &H       Max Hit points
&v       Endurance               &V       Max Endurance
&x       Experience to Level     &R       Exp to Level (Same as &x)
&w       Wimp Level             &f       Affects                
&g       Grasp Amount           &t       Lesson Tick Counter
&C       Carrying Weight         &c       Carrying Number
&e       Encumbrance             &n       Name                    
&1       Newline                 &2       Tab
&d       Doing                   &( &)    Group Delimiting
&G       Gold                   &Y       Year (4 digits)
&M       Month (2 digits)       &D       Day (2 digits)
&T       Time (24 hour: HH:MM)   &S       Seconds (2 digits)

Immortals Only:

&i       Invis Level
&I       Ticks visible
&r       Room Number

Example Prompts:

SYNTAX:  Prompt -< `&h`/`&H`HP `&m`/`&M`CP `&v/`&V`MV >-
-< `&a`AC `&y`/`&u` >- -< `&x`XPTL `&R`RPTL &t`>- &f &1

EXAMPLE: -< 230/280HP 200/200CP 146/179MV >-
-< -120AC 30H/40D >- -< 2465XPTL 567RPTL >- (hu) (th)
  Group delimiting works as follows:  surround one or more
parts of the prompt string with &( (
text) &). These parts
will not display unless the fields between them contain
an amount above, or below zero.  For instance,

SYNTAX:   Prompt < `&h`H `&m`C `&v`v &(`Grasping` `&g` &)> &f &1

EXAMPLE:  < 100H 100C 100v (hu) (th) (While not Grasping)
EXAMPLE:  < 100H 100C 100v Grasping 100 > (hu) (th) (While Grasping)

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