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> <donate|junk|get|take|put|give|drop> <item|all|marks>

> <donate shield> or <donate all.bread> or <donate 500 marks>
This will send any or all of these items to the Donation Room.

> <junk sword> or <junk all.bronze> or <junk 500 marks>
This will delete an item from your inventory. Be careful with this command.

> <get sword corpse> or <get all belt> or <get all.ring backpack>
GET and TAKE commands are essentially the same thing. They
allow you to pick up items or gold, or take things out of containers.

> <put bread bag> or <put all.bread sack> or <put all belt>
This allows you to put items into containers.

> <give all khaira> or <give sword dain> or <give all.dagger devon>
This allows you to give all your items, one of your items, or all of
one type of item to another player. You can give marks to another
player by typing:
give # marks <player>. Example: give 200 marks duke

> <drop all> or <drop all.bracelet> or <drop 300 marks>
With this you can drop items or marks in the room you are in.

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