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Duplicate Ter'angreal--------------------
SYNTAX: Weave 'Duplicate Ter'angreal' <object>    {<object> is the original}
EXAMPLE: Weave 'Duplicate Ter'angreal' Necklace
Talents:  Ter'angreal
Spells:   Probe Ter'angreal
  This weave allows the caster to duplicate a ter'angreal.
The duplication, if successful, will create a ter'angreal
that works in a similar fashion to the original.  The failure
rate is high, though something will most likely be duplicated
each time - it just may not work, or work in the wrong fashion.  
A point to note is that ter'angreal have a chance of burning
out the user if used incorrectly, so one must be careful using
a duplicated ter'angreal, as the chance of burn out may increase!
See Also: Ter'angreal, Probe Ter'angreal

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