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-------------------Aes Sedai Requirements--------------------

The White Tower is the home of the Aes Sedai, Gaidin, and Tower Guard.
Also counted within the Shining Walls are Novices, Accepted, Trainees,
Servants, those seeking Asylum, and visiting scholars.  

Path 1 - Aes Sedai
Only three templates for Aes Sedai; Born with the spark, Able to learn,
or Wilder.

Path 2 - Gaidin/Tower Guard/Bryne's Army
Templates for these positions are almost endless, a few examples are:
the Righteous, the Dutiful, the Cryptic, the Devoted, the Unemployed,
the Obligated (if you would like information on these templates, or
for examples of backgrounds please contact one of the White Tower GLs
and we will gladly send them to you.)

Path 3 - Visiting Scholar
Path 4 - The Asylum Seeker
Path 5 - The Servant

The White Tower GLs
Denaad  -
Rayenia -
Jezz -

See Also: Ajahs, Aes Sedai, Channeler, Template Show 11

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