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-------------------------War Council--------------------------

War Council' main function is to keep track of all troops and
armies' positions and size in the world, and resolve battles or
conflicts as they arise. Any such conflicts -must- be resolved
as quickly and objectively as possible - conflicts should not be
left 'hanging' for many days at a time without good reason.

After the initial settings of each nation's and guild's exact
troops and placements of such by the War Council, in accordance
with the books written by Robert Jordan, everything is fluid: an
army can lose troops in combat, for example, or a guild may initiate
massive recruitments trying to increase its army, or hire trainers
to improve its effectiveness - but these things cost a lot of gold
and take some time. It is up to the War Council for the specific

Given the above, the list of duties the War Council has been set
before them to accomplish seems fairly straight-forward and simple,
once we get past the initial barrier of finishing up all of the MUD
army sizes and such.

- It is the job of the War Council to determine the size and
overall capabilities of any given Army.

- It is the job of the War Council to track the movements and
recruitment drives and casualties of each army.

- Should an army or any substantial group of armed men wish to
reposition or move, it is up to the War Council to determine
just how long it will take to for them to accomplish this.
(Time to be determined in RL days)

- Should a battle or war between any number of MUD armies occur
it is up to the War Council to determine the casualties,
successes, and in the end, victory or defeat, depending upon
the actions of each during conflict.

- It is up to the War Council to determine the costs of maintaining,
recruiting and repositioning armies and charging the army's leader
accordingly in gold on a regular basis.
One note: It will be significantly more expensive
to recruit, give advanced training, or to reposition
troops throughout Randland than it will be to simply
maintain your current army as is.

- It is up to the War Council to keep News and Rumors updated with
relevant army information as it becomes needed. IE: BotRH invades
Shienar, we let folk know.

- If any given army or nation has some sort of info-net, the leader
of said army or nation may inquire of the War Council what they
might know about the actions of the various other armies in Randland.

See also: Policy War

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