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Your flowstrengths reflect your proficiency in the five flows (air, water,
spirit, fire, earth).  Generally, men are stronger in fire and earth, and  
women are stronger in air and water.  Flowstrengths are used as preconditions
for various spells.

Air:    Air is used to gain spells such as wrap, gag, etc.
Water:  Water is the flow needed for spells like create water, waterwalk, and so on.
Spirit: Spirit is needed to use such spells as shield, gentle, etc.
Earth:  Earth is required for weaves along the lines of earthquake.
Fire:   Fire is the flow needed to manipulate spells such as slice weave, fireball, etc.

The higher your flows are, the better. Higher flows allow you to cut weaves
much easier. So, for example, if someone attempted to weave wrap upon you
and their flow of Air was lower than yours, you would stand a greater chance
of slicing their weave than they would have at succeeding at it. That is,
of course, if you have the slice weave spell.

To raise a flow from:
1  - 10     1 practice raises 3 points
11 - 20     1 practice raises 2 points
21 - 30     1 practice raises 1 point
31 - 40     2 practices raises 1 point
41 - 50     3 practices raises 1 point

See also: Training, Stats, Score

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