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Your stats, statistics, affect quite a bit about your character.
They define your character, and determine in code what are your
character's strengths and weaknesses. If you have low Strength,
your character is rather weak. If you have high Dexterity, you
might be more nimble than most. Since the conversion to MM3, stats
have undergone a rather sizable overhaul. These are the stats and
their general affects.

Strength: This affects your character's overall strength, making you
          hit harder in battle, be able to carry more weight, as well
          as wear heavier armor.

Dexterity: This makes you naturally more difficult to hit in combat. It
           affects your speed and agility and precision. In relation to
           code combat, it serves to increase your Combat Points. In
           addition, a raising DEX allows you to hold more items in your

Constitution: This affects your Life and Endurance, giving you more Stamina
              allowing you to last longer during battle and take more wounds,
              yet continue fighting regardless. For Channelers, Endurance will
              affect how much you can Channel, how many Weaves you can cast
              before exausting yourself.

See also: Training, Levels, Flows, Score

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