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When you create your character, you can choose which flows you are
naturally stronger or skilled in.  This is your 'flowstrength' and
your '
flowskill'.  You can see what you have chosen by typing

Strong/Moderate/Weak = referring to flow strength
Gifted/Average/Inept = referring to skill with said flow

If one selected
strong in fire then their base flow of fire would
be considerably strong.  If coupled with
gifted that person would
be quite
adept at weaving strong fire weaves.

When you type '
talents' you will see your chosen flow strengths and
skills.  For example, if you chose 'Strong Air' 'Strong Spirit', and 'Gifted
Air' 'Gifted Spirit', this is what you would see when you type '

* finesse air
* finesse spirit
* strength air
* strength spirit

These are your -base- settings for your flowstrengths and flowskills and
represent your natural abilities.  For example, a Novice at the White Tower
with these settings would be naturally strong and gifted in Air and Spirit.
This would eventually be discovered in time through roleplay, which should
reflect these talents.

Policy OCS gives more information on overall channeler strength.

See Also:  Talents, Flowstrengths

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