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With the code change to MikkiMUD 3.0, the old system of Levels and
RPlevels has been removed. Now levels are gainable only through RP.
You no longer gain EXP from Teaching, nor from mob killing, or succeeding
with skills. Only from Roleplay with other players on the MUD.

As you gain levels from Roleplay, you'll gain Life, Power and Endurance
as well as receive Practices for every level you gain. You may use these
Practices to Train up your Stats.

In addition, these new levels are infinite. If you RP enough, you can go
on gaining levels forever. Though, with each additional level you gain,
your required EXP to the next level increases, making every following level
more and more difficult to attain. The amount of EXP you increase depends
on your Level Modifier. When you gain Talents during creation, your
Level Modifier increases. The higher it goes, the harder it will be to
gain levels, as you progress to the higher levels.

See also: Training, Stats, Score, Flows

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