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Aiel Descriptions

Aiel Features:

The Aiel as a race are normally very tall. Their skin is naturally pale,
but their faces and hands tan deeply because of the sun in the Waste.
Their hair color varies from platinum and white-blond to red and reddish-
brown. Aiel have eyes the color of grey, blue, green and hazel. No Aiel
has dark eyes.  Aiel men generally wear their hair short-cropped, with
women growing it out in long and luxurious tresses. Maidens of the Spear
cut their hair short, leaving a long tail in the back.

Aiel Clothing:

The Aiel warriors dress in the cadin'sor, "working clothes" in the Old
Tongue, where the coat and breeches are brown and gray to fade into rock,
sand, and shadow. Since coming across the Dragonwall into the wetlands,
the cadin'sor have been adapted to suit the greener lands. They wear a
soft, laced knee-high boot for their shoes. They also wear a shoufa, a
scarf-like garment the color of sand or rock. It is worn wrapped around
the head to protect them from the relentless sun and the warriors attach
the trademark black veil to it for ease of access when they are ready to
kill. The cut of a warrior's cadin'sor will indicate the wearer's clan
and society.

Aiel Wise Ones wear bulky brown skirts and loose white blouses, normally
made of algode, with brown shawls.  They are also typically covered in
jewelry if they wish to wear it; female gai'shain and Maidens wear none.
Gai'shain, those who submit to a year and a day of servitude because they
are touched in battle, wear only white hooded robes and sandles. Aiel men
who do not wear the cadin'sor can often be found in loose breeches and
tunics, and men always go clean-shaven. Young girls wear short skirts and
have braided pigtails, while young boys wear simple tunics and breeches.

Aiel Weapons:

Aiel carry an assortment of weapons with them. Some societies specialize
in different weapons, but they have some proficiency with all of the
weapons found in the Waste. The most common weapon is the stabbing spear.
Maidens use a set of three short spears; Sovin Nai prefer long, curved
knives; Seia Doon specialize in the sturdy hornbow. Aiel will never
touch a sword, but they can be found wielding very long knives, some a
foot or more in length. The hands and feet of an Aiel are often the most
dangerous weapons they possess, though, and should never be considered
truly 'unarmed'.

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