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   The pinacle of swordsmanship in the world of the Wheel of Time, Blademasters
carry swords marked by herons to proclaim their skill. Any who have seen them
fight, however, do not need the mark to know that they are among the most
dangerous men and women to walk the lands.

   The rigorous training and experience required reaching this level of skill
leaves only a handful of people in the known world skilled enough to even
consider claiming the Heron. To become a Blademaster requires either that the
prospect defeat a Blademaster in single combat or that they be proclaimed to
possess the skill of a Blademaster by a council of their future peers. Most
Blademasters train for decades before they claim the rank, although there are
rumors of some who have attained it in as few as five years.

The Weaponmastery system referred to below is no longer in use.  Speak
Rissa for information on how to obtain the IC rank of Blademaster.

Though the following information refers to WM and, thus, is not the method
by which a Heron-marked blade is obtained, it is a good reference for how
demanding a process it is.

-How to earn a Heron and continue to improve-
   When a character reaches WM4-50%, he or she is officially considered a
Blademaster, or, depending on your choice of weapon, just as skilled as one.
If you wish it, the WM Immortal will arrange a single combat with an NPC
Blademaster, or the approval of a council of Blademasters. A character can
still progress beyond WM4-50%, although the requirements for doing so is more
stringent than the average log-submitting endeavor.
   This is because, upon reaching a very high level of skill, a character can
only progress through actual battle and experience, which means that regular
spars with lathes won't suffice. The following conditions must be met in order
to progress beyond WM4-50%.

1) You can submit only one log per month, and the maximum score is +10%
2) The RP in the log must consist of actual combat.
        - It must be a real fight against an opponent: a Child of the Light
          against a Darkfriend, a Warder against a bandit, a mercenary against
          a foe in an opposing army, etc.
        - There must be an element of danger, i.e. there is a risk of the
          Blademaster character actually dying as a result of the RP.
        - No prearranged, IC'ly "friendly" spars.
3) The situation of the RP itself can serve as a modifier to the score
   given, with things like Situation, Opposition, and Difficulty coming into
   play. As the level of danger increases so does the participant's chance of
   receiving a high score as a result.
4) Even though prearranged RP does not always fit one of the required
   scenarios, Immortal-run Events that lead to aggressive conflict can qualify,
   (there must always be an element of danger for the player, so check with the
   Immortal running the Event, as Events of this kind rarely lead to the death
   of a character) as can IC tournaments as long as they meet with the other
5) There are no restrictions to the length of the log, as long as it is
   cleaned and readable like regular WM Logs.

   As you may have noticed, reaching WM4-100% difficult. This is quite
intentional, as upon reaching that level, the character would be considered
equal in skill to the famous Jearom, reputably the greatest Blademaster ever.

   If you are unsure whether or not a situation fits the above criteria, feel
free to MUDMAIL an inquiry about it to the WM Immortal. (Now mudmail

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