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Combat specific codes:
$b - Bodypart name
$r - Region name
$c - Code determined color.
$f - Form name

Generic Codes:
$n - Characters name
$N - Victims name
$m - Him, her, it.  Based on characters sex
$M - Him, her, it.  Based on victims sex
$s - His, her, its.  Based on characters sex
$S - His, her, its.  Based on victims sex
$e - He, she, it.  Based on characters sex
$E - he, she, it.  Based on victims sex
$o - Object name
$O - Second object name
$p - Object short description
$P - Second object short description
$a - a or an, depending on if object name starts with a vowel
$A - a or an, depending on if second object name begins with a vowel
$T - Text.  if no victim or second object is used, text may be passed.
$F - First name.  Only displays the first alias (name) of an object/victim if
     it has multiple

See also:  MOB ACT CODES

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