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             Help Information for the Nation of Andor

SIGIL: A rampant white lion; the White Lion
BANNER:  A white lion rampant on a field of red
SYMBOLS:  The Lion Throne and the Rose Crown of Andor
RESOURCES:  Grain, wool, tabac, precious metals, iron

The realm of Andor is the largest nation in the Westlands,
stretching from the Mountains of Mist in the west to the
River Erinin in the east. It is one of the oldest nations,
dating back from the time of Artur Hawking's death at the
start of the War of the Hundred Years. Before this, it was
a province under Hawkwing's governor Endara Casalain.  The
royal line of Andor can still trace its rule to Joal Ramedar,
the last King of Aldeshar before Hawkwing's time.

Upon Hawkwing's death, Endara's daughter Ishara joined with
Hawkwing's grestest general, Souran Maravaile, taking control
of the province from her mother, and became the first Queen
of Andor.  Since that time, only Queens have ever ruled Andor,
thanks to a long lineage of daughters, eventually making the
phenomenon a tradition that has endured even today.  Only a
Queen may wear the Rose Crown of Andor and sit the Lion
Throne, which is sized for a woman.  The eldest daughter is
named the Daughter-Heir, and by law is sent to the White Tower
to study, and then ascends the Lion Throne upon her mother's
death or retirement.  Her eldest brother is the First Prince
of the Sword, and is sworn to protect her, trained from
childhood to command the Queen's armies and serve as her
military advisor.  When there is no surviving daughter, the
Lion Throne is given to the nearest female blood relative.
Much dispute arises in these decisions, for lineage is not
based only on close relation to the Queen, but also in
matrilineal descent from Ishara.  Sometimes, it leads to
what are known by those outside of Andor as 'The Andoran
Wars of Succession.'  Andorans, however, prefer to refer
to them as 'disturbances' and stubbornly avoid calling them

Much of Andor's success can be attributed to its export of
goods such as wool, precious metals and ironwork, tabac, and
grain, providing a healthy economy.  The Andoran mark is one
of the more highly valued coins, and has more weight in gold
than 'equivilant' coins of other nations.

Andor's other strength is her military, in a tradition set
forth from Ishara's time.  Made up primarily of the Queen's
Guards, Andor's forces are to be reckoned with.  Andor has
always been subject to outside pressure, particularly from
the Children of the Light, and the bordering nation of
Murandy to the south.  As well, Andor has been at war with
Cairhien more times than any two nations except Tear and
Illian.  Despite this animosity however, Andor has been a
major supplier of grain to Cairhien since the Aiel War.

Currently, Andor is ruled by Elayne Trakand Aes Sedai, by
the Grace of the Light, Queen of Andor, Defender of the Realm,
Protector of the People, High Seat of House Trakand.  Of the
Green Ajah, Elayne is the first Aes Sedai Queen in over a
thousand years, for none other before her have been strong
enough.  Her brother Gawyn is the First Prince of the Sword,
while a woman, Birgitte Trahelion, serves as Captain-General.
Elayne ascended the Lion Throne, narrowly avoiding a War of
Succession, after her mother, Queen Morgase, disappeared.
The former Queen is presumed dead, as she has been missing
for quite some time.

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