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               Andoran Appearances and Fashions

The people of Andor are referred to as Andorans.  They are usually
fair-skinned, often with blue eyes and blonde hair, though dark
hair and dark eyes are more common.

Andoran women usually wear dresses with square-cut necklines,
showing little if any cleavage, with fitted sleeves.  Embroidered
flowers and leaves are not uncommon, as well as woven belts.
Andoran noblewomen usually wear silk dresses with embroidery in
metallic threads, and belts of woven silver or gold.  Commoners
usually wear good stout wool, with an apron.

Andoran men wear trousers and shirts with a coat over all. The
coat is made with turned-back cuffs and an upstanding collar.
Noblemen often wear silk or brocade, embroidered with metallic
threads.  Common men usually wear serviceable wool.  Both men
and women usually wear cloaks as needed.

Palace servants wear livery of red with white collars and the
White Lion of Andor on their chests.

The uniforms of the Queen's Guards include a red undercoat,
gleaming mail and plate armor, and a brilliant red cloak.
Long white collars hang over the armor, and white cuffs
at the wrist.  Their helmets are conical with barred visors,
and they often carry lances with thin red streamers.  High-
ranking officers wear knots of rank on their shoulders.  The
Captain-General wears four golden knots and wide gold bands
on his (or her) white cuffs.

Andorans are known to be stubborn, but brutally honest.
They are not fond of intrigues or beating around the bush,
and are considered a practical, hard-working and loyal
people for the most part.

Battle Cry:  Forward the White Lion!

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