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       A Brief Summary of Tyme's Magic System

In the Wheel of Time setting, 'magic' is not referred to
as 'magic'.  It is called 'channeling'.


The One Power comes from the True Source.  It is a thing
feared by many, and it can be channeled by only those who
have the ability to learn, or who have the spark inborn.

The One Power comes from the True Source, and is said to be
the force that turns the Wheel of Time.  It is divided into
five Powers or Flows:  Air, Earth, Fire, Water, and Spirit.

The True Source is divided into two halves.  Saidar, which is
the female half of the True Source, and Saidin which is
channeled by men. Until recently, the male half of the True
Source was tainted by the Dark One however, and men who
channel Saidin were destined to go mad, and eventually die.
They are held responsible for the Breaking of the World, and
for many generations, they have been feared, hunted, and
sometimes loathed.

Female channelers, on the other hand, face no such risk,
though they do have other reasons to be cautious. Aes Sedai
are female channelers, bound by certain Oaths, who are
trained to wield the One Power.  They are feared, and often
respected, but also blamed for the Breaking of the World,
simply because they too wield the One Power.  Some women are
born with the spark, the ability to channel, and will do so
whether they wish it or not.  Those who are found by the Aes
Sedai in time are trained until they can channel safely, and
then either allowed to leave, or remain and possibly one day
become Aes Sedai.  Those who are not found by Aes Sedai
usually end up dying or burning themselves out.  Those few
with the spark who survive, however, are known as Wilders.  
They have learned some sort of rough control over the One
Power on their own, but usually have a block that prevents
them from channeling whenever they wish.

Men are said to be stronger in Fire and Earth, while women
are said to be stronger in Air and Water.  They are equally
strong in Spirit.

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