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The Asha'man Guild consists of the Lord Dragon Reborn's male channelers and
those who live around them on the grounds of the Black Tower. They are the only
source of training for male channelers except for the Shadow. The Asha'man
themselves are easily recognizable by their pure black uniforms and the pins at
the collar of their officers and underofficers. They have a fearsome reputation
because the Taint upon Saidin meant that they were destined to go mad, and few
want to be around someone so powerful when they may become insane at any moment.

Those wishing to join the Asha'man must do the following:

* Have a clear understanding of the Wheel of Time channeling system, or be
willing to learn.

* Be a male channeler.

* Have a description which fits into the world of the Wheel of Time.

* Submit a character background for approval by the Asha'man leadership.
Send all background submissions to the GL via mudmail.

* RP with and get the sponsorship of one Asha'man ranked Soldier or above.
The more sponsors, the better.

Anyone wishing to play some member of the Black Tower besides an Asha'man
should send an application to the GL. (Check wizlist or GLList)

For all backgrounds, please remember that men who have channeled before joining
the Asha'man are a rarity. Most men simply wish to serve the Lord Dragon or
take advantage of the Amnesty he has proclaimed. Also, please try to stay away
from stereotypical backgrounds involving killing the Trollocs who slaughtered
your family and fleeing the scene with your family's jeweled sword and hidden
stash of coin.

Template Show 2 also has information on the seeking process for the Asha'man guild.

See Also: Black Tower, Channeling, Saidin, Wilder, Latent

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