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If you have a color-capable terminal and wish to see useful color-coding
of information, use the COLOR command to set the level of coloring you see.

> color off
This command disables all color.

> color sparse
> color normal
> color complete
Advanced use only:
> color show

These three commands turn color on to various levels.  Experiment to see
which level suits your personal taste.  COLOR SHOW is an advanced command that
causes the MUD to display the embedded color codes rather than translating them
into colors on your screen.  This is useful for copy-pasting colored text, for

Using color will slow down the speed at which you see messages VERY slightly.
The effect is more noticeable on slower connections.  Even if you have
color turned on, non-colorized messages will not be slowed down at all.

You can also add color to titles or text by typing `` followed by
!-* excluding only the $ symbol. This color code does not work correctly
so instead, the symbol * substitutes for
Blue color.

Keep in mind, you must end all strings with color codes added to them with
the color code
` to keep the color from bleeding on yours and others

See also: Colorcodes, talkcolor, color show

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