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                   Help Information for Arafel

SIGIL:  A red rose and a white rose; the Roses.
BANNER:  Three white roses on a field of red quartered
          with three red roses on a field of white.
CAPITAL CITY:  Shol Arbela
RESOURCES:  Farming, Trade

The nation of Arafel is one of the Borderlands, and lies between
Shienar to the west, and Kandor to the east.  It is a rugged and
slightly less hospitable country than most regions, and is mostly
made up of farming communities.

Currently, Paitar Nachiman, King of Arafel, Shield of the North,
Defender of the Land, and High Seat of House Nachiman holds the
throne.  His sister, PrincessKiruna Nachiman, is an Aes Sedai of
the Green Ajah.

The people of Arafel are known as Arafellin.  Their men usually
wear their hair in two long braids with silver bells attached to
the ends.  Most Arafellin are pale-skinned and appear to have
unusually large eyes.

Arafellin warriors are highly skilled, and always wear two
swords strapped to their backs, one hilt over each shoulder.  
They are trained in ambidextrous combat, so that they can use
both swords at once, one in each hand.

"Light and Honor." - Arafellin Greeting
"The dancing is sweeter on the edge of a sword." - Arefellin saying

Other tidbits:

Arefellins have strange ideas about honor and death.

Arefellin Kings often rely more on their Queen for advice than from

Arefel, like all of the Borderlands, have a distinguished and
formidable military reputation.

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