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Welcome to a Moment in Tyme character creation.  This is where you will create
your character to play in our world.  In the menu's that follow, you will have the
opportunity to build a character that is as individual as yourself.  You may set
your characters height, age, weight, strength, and agility.  You will be able to
customize your characters strengths and weaknesses by adding talents or flaws.

Unlike most other MUD creation systems, our system does not follow a rigid menu
based format.  You may change any part of your character at any time.  You may also
converse with visitor guides and staff members for help.  To see what commands are
available to modify your character, type 'commands'.  To get help, try the
'help' command.  For example, to get help on the 'mighty channeler' talent:

help mighty channeler

If you can't find what you're looking for in the help files,
try one of the following channels to ask for help.  If you don't get a response on
one channel try the other channel on the list:

newbie <text>
Example:  newbie What does the talent 'Mighty Channeler' do?

question <text>
Example:  question What does the 'weight' stat affect?

We look forward to having you join our world and hope you enjoy your stay!

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