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The Dice command allows players to insert a random element into their Roleplay.
This can be used to solve disputes or to simulate IC games of chance. The
syntax for the Dice command is as follows:

Dice <number of dice to be rolled> <number of sides per die> <modifier to roll>

For example, "
Dice 1 6 1" would roll one six-sided die and add one to the
result. Dice are always totalled, never counted separately, and all modifiers
must be positive. It is quite possible to roll dice with a physically
impossible number of sides.

An easy way to simulate the popular WoT dice game "Pips" is to use "
Dice 5 6
." The highest roll wins, unless any of the characters rolls a number
divisible by five, in which case it is assumed that the character rolled the
same number on each die. The only exception to the above rule is a total roll
of 5, in which case the character has rolled
The Dark One's Eyes (all ones),
and loses. This system simulates a significantly higher chance of rolling all
the same number, but that only adds a little excitement to the game.

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