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The Shadow calls to people for a wide variety of reasons. Some are lured to
swear their souls to the Dark One by promises of immortality, others by
whispers of fulfilled ambition, and still others just because it lets them
commit the horrible acts that they yearn to commit. A few sell themselves to
the Shadow because they see its victory as inevitable, and they hope to salvage
something noble from the fall of humanity, but the Father of Lies is well-
named, and these few usually find themselves dying in vain.

Whatever causes Darkfriends to give themselves to the Shadow, they do gain
benefits from their service. Male Channelers, if they prove themselves useful,
gain protection from the Dark One's Taint upon Saidin. Male channelers and
female alike gain access to forbidden knowledge, and those Darkfriends who have
proven themselves time and again are sometimes even given command over Trollocs
and other Shadowspawn.

There are, of course, drawbacks to giving service to the Shadow. Darkfriends
are asked to do terrible things to further the cause of the Lord of the Grave,
and the Dark One is not an easy master.  He does not care over-much for any but
his most powerful servants, and even they are on tenuous ground if they fail
over-much. Beyond that, the most frequent way for Darkfriends to move up in the
esteem of their Great Lord is over the bodies of their erstwhile superiors, so
even the most powerful of Darkfriends cannot sit easily.

But then again... what other power in all of the world can offer you the
benefit of immortality if you serve well and true?

Joining the Shadow
Players wishing to have their characters start the game as Darkfriends or
wishing for their characters to become Darkfriends should contact the Shadow
Immortal. They will need to send in a Background via mudmail, along with a
detailed explanation of either how they were recruited to the Shadow or the
best way to recruit their character to the Shadow through Roleplay.

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