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Syntax:  fedit <form name>
         fedit create <form name>
         fedit copy <existing form> <new form>
         fedit save [form name]
         fedit reload [form name]
         fedit list
Options enclosed in <> are required, [] are optional.

FEDIT is the editor for combats forms. Typing fedit will bring up
categories of information about the forms. The categories are Basic,
Mods, Text, and Exclusive.

BASICS includes basic information about the form, what weapons it
works with, character stances, etc.

MODS is a list of modifiers that include things like the speed and
force of the form.

TEXT includes all of the text that will be seen be players while
using the forms.

EXCLUSIVES are special text that are unique to that particular type of form.

Typing the category name will expand or collapse the corresponding
information in the form editor.

Typing COMMANDS while in FEDIT will give you a full list of commands
that you can use to input and change form information. All of the
commands support act codes that affect what plays will see when using
the forms. HELP ACT CODES gives a complete list of the codes.

NOTICE: Options enclosed in <> are required, [] are optional.

fedit <form name>
  - This opens the named form inside FEDIT.
fedit create <form name>
  - This will create a new form with the given name.
fedit copy <existing form> <new form>
  - This will all of the information from an existing form into a new form name.
fedit save [form name]
  - This will save your current form information.
  - Notice that [form name] is optional.  If you don't specify a form, all
     forms will be saved.
  - Once inside FEDIT you can simply type 'save' to save the current form.
fedit reload [form name]
  - Again notice that [form name] is optional.  If you fail to specify a form
     name it will reload *all* forms.
  - This will reload a previously written form. If changes were
    made to a form and you decided to revert back to the original
    without saving, this is the option you would use.
fedit list
  - This will give a complete list of all forms on the MUD.

Once you type 'fedit', you enter the form editor and all commands you typed
will first be interpreted by FEDIT.  Then if the command doesn't exist it will
be sent to the MUD.  When you are finished editing a form you can exit FEDIT by
typing 'done'.  This allows you to continue using regular MUD commands while
editing forms.

Sub-Command listing:  (Type 'help fedit <sub-command>' for more information on
specific sub commands listed here)

commands         List valid commands
create           Create a new form.
delete           Deletes a form
basics           Expand/Collapse 'Basics' section
mods             Expand/Collapse 'Mods' section
text             Expand/Collapse 'Text' section
exclusives       Expand/Collapse 'Exclusives' section
form_type        Set the form type (dodge/block/attack/flourish/recovery)
name             Set the name of the form
class_name       Set the class of the form
secondary_id     See 'help fedit secondary_id'
flags            Set form flags (teachable/learnable/decrement/exotic)
tier             Set form tier between levels 0 and 4
damage type      Set the damage type (none/slashing/crushing/piercing/unarmed)
endurance_cost   Set the endurance requirement for using form
initial          Set the text displayed when form is initially invoked
critical         Set the text for when a critical failure occurs
unblocked        Set the text if form succeeds without being blocked
blocked          Set the text if form is blocked by victim
modifier         Set the modifiers for the form
areas_allowed    Specify what areas a form may be used in
weapons_allowed  Specify valid weapons for the form
regions          Specify valid bodypart regions form may be used against
deflection_dire  Specify the direction of deflection
attack_directio  Specify the direction of attack
orientation      Specify where player has to be in relation to victim
                 e.g. (front/behind/left/right/all/none)
stance           Specify required stance for ch or victim (standing/sitting)
special          Specify any special procedures to handle special circumstances
list             List all forms in the game
save             Save a form
reload           Reload a form
show             Display the current stats of currently opened form

Again this is only a brief synopsis.  Please see:  'help fedit <sub-command>'
to get more information on specific subcommands.    

In order to set a form on a player, use the SETFORM command.
It works exactly like the SETSKILL command.

NOTE: Forms are quite buggy at the moment and can crash the MUD so if
any testing is done on the BuilderPort please make sure to do so when
anyone is building.  As special test port has been created for editing forms
or testing other combat related items.  It currently runs at port


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