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'areas_allowed' is a hack to combine the area data from room_data.sector_type
(integers) and room_data.room_flags (bitvector) into one single bitvector.  
Both are defined in structs.h.  I did this because I really want all this data
in one spot, so combat.c is simpler and so fedit.c only needs one command to
set them all (it's cluttered enough as it is - size of the menu is becoming an
issue).  This only works because there is no overlap between the two
definitions - all bits less than 19 in room_flags should never be used in
combat.  This does allow for expansion to terrain types, like desert, at a
later date.  Add them where they belong in sector_type, and use the
corresponding bits below (10 - 18) to incorporate them to fedit. -Nico

Syntax:  areas_allowed <arg>
  -or-:  area <arg>
    Ex: area forest

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