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'damage_type' tells the code which stats to use to determine damage.  Each
weapon has a damage mod for each of the three main damage types: slashing (SL),
crushing (CR) and piercing (PR).  A form may use the pommel of a sword to deal
CR damage, for example.  In addition, a PC may use the fourth damage type -
unarmed crushing - for attacks like kicks and punches.  Note that the PC may or
may not be armed to deal one of these types.  This type distinguishes the damage
type from that of the crushing value of the weapon.  In unarmed attacks, crushing
damage is determined by the character's stats, like strength, and the
character's combat settings, like follow-through.

Syntax:   damage_type <type>
  -or-:   damage <type>
    Ex:   damage crushing

Note that throwing attacks may be slashing, crushing, or piercing.  The fact that they are throwing attacks is defined elsewhere.

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