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Below are the various text fields that are the code's version of player emotes.
The text is broken up into what the character sees, what the victim sees, and
what everybody else in the room sees.  It is further divided by the combat
settings of the character (like aggressiveness).


* initial
* critical
* unblocked
* blocked

Syntax:  initial <message recipient> <aggressiveness> <text>
         critical <message recipient> <failure type> <text>
    Ex:  critical to_char fall Your pivot foot skips beneath you as you kick -
you fall heavily to the ground!
         unblocked <message recipient> <followthru> <text>
         blocked <message recipient> <partial|complete> <normal|extreme> <text>

Valid choices for <message recipient>:

* to_character   -- Message displayed to character who invoked the form.
* to_victim      -- Message displayed to victim (Character that form is being
                     invoked against)
* to_room        -- Message displayed to everyone *else* in the room.

Valid choices for <aggressiveness>:
* normal
* aggressive
* reckless

Valid choices for <failure type>:
* fall
* stumble-recover
* lose weapon
* counter
* penalty-free

Valid choices for <followthru>:
* practice
* normal
* extreme

NOTE:  See 'help act codes' for information on the act codes ($-codes) that can
be embedded in the <text> portion to refer to things such as the players name,
the bodypart being targeted, or the name of the form.

See Also:  ACT CODES

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