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While all people in the current world of the "Wheel of Time" speak the common language, or
the "new tongue", not all of them speak the language in the same way. The following is a
list of notable dialects from the world of the "Wheel of Time":


The Cairhienin speak in a precise, clipped accent, enunciating every word. Their speech is
characterized by a distinctive musical accent.


Illianers do speak a unique version of the common language, one that does use the word 'do'
as an auxiliary before most verbs, and do no be having the usual forms of the verb 'to be'.

"You can no go into the palace alone. You say you will no channel unless you must, no to warn
these Black Aes Sedai. Then you must have muscle to swing a club if the need do arise, and eyes
to watch your backs will no be amiss either. I am known there, to the servants. I did take gifts
to the old Panarch too. I will go with you. You do make me stretch my neck on the headsman's block
because I did leave you at Falme. Fortune prick me if you do no! Well, it do be done now; you can
no object to this! I will go in with you."

(Bayle Domon to Nynaeve and Elayne; The Shadow Rising, Chapter 54)


Murandians are often described as having a lilting accent.
(NS, Ch. 5; CoT, Ch. 10)


While Saldeans do not have a pronounced dialect they have developed a special language of the fans.
Saldaean women can use to convey anything from a simple 'yes' or 'no' to an eloquent declaration of


The Seanchan speak their own dialect of Common, which seems heavily accented and slurred to most
westlanders. Their speech is laced with terms from the Old Tongue.


Taraboner commoners use a unique grammar for the common tongue. The speakers, they use nouns
and pronouns together, yes?

"We will need to negotiate with those sisters who remain in the Tower," Beonin mused, only half to
herself. "The Amyrlin we choose, she must be a skilled negotiator, yes?"

(Beonin to Sheriam and the rest of the Salidar leaders; The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 27)

For more help on specific languages, please see:

Old Tongue, New Tongue, Common, Ogier Tongue, Trolloc Tongue

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