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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I see anything?
-If it's dark where you are, ask a friendly Immortal to get you a torch
so you can see.

I'm naked! How do I get clothes?
-Right now equipment is being slowly transitioned in as we get the shops
and combat up and running.  Don't worry too much about what it shows on
your character equipment list.  We basically go by
description, which can
be created by you without the need for external equipment.  To learn how
to write a good one, see '
help description'.

Why can't I kill that chicken/cow/thief/Lord of the Tower?
-Presently we are completely revamping our combat system - along with
several other function of our code - and the ability to attack has been
disabled while we get the new system in place.  Check out '
help mitupdate'
for information on our progress.

What do you mean by "RP"?
-A Moment in Tyme is an Roleplay-intensive MUD, which means that while
we have most of the standard functions of a 'regular' MUD, our focus is on
Roleplay, specifically within the Wheel of Time setting.  See '
help Roleplay'
for a list of helpfiles regarding how RP works around here.

What's the Wheel of Time?
-The Wheel of Time is a fantasy series written by Robert Jordan (and
finished by Brandon Sanderson).  If you haven't read the series, that's ok.
You might find it a little challenging to understand some of the world-
specific details, but there is a wealth of information online to help fill
in the gaps, or, of course, our
Visitor's Guides, Immortals, and friendly
players will help answer any questions you have about the setting.

How do I talk to people?
-We have a multitude of chat channels that you can use to communicate, as
well as private messaging and mudmail.  The channel names are all displayed
out to the left of any channel you see, and they're all colorcoded, but the
ones to know at first are
OOC and Newbie.  Just type 'ooc <text>' to talk to
the MUD community or '
newbie <text>' to communicate with the Visitor's Guides
Immortals.  To send someone a private message, type 'tell <name> <text>'.
Mailing is as simple as '
mail <name>'.

How do I know who is online to talk to?
-Type 'who' to see the list of characters currently online.

I want a nifty long listing on the 'who' list!
-Type 'title <text>' to change the way your name reads on the 'who' list. Checking
help colorcodes' will tell you how to change the colors in your title or anything
else you type.

I want to be a Warder/Asha'man/Hornhunter/damane/Aes Sedai. How do I do that?
-Our associations are set up into Guilds which each have their own requirements
to be accepted.  Type '
template show' to see the list of our Guilds and the
things they require in order to be brought into their ranks.  '
GLList' will get
you a full list of the Guilds and their Guildleaders.

I think I made my character wrong. Do I have to start over?
-While you are welcome to go through character generation again, any Immortal would
be happy to help outfit you with the skills and talents you may have missed.
Typing '
wizlist' will show you full list of Immortals.

What can I do to help?
-If you would like to help with our building efforts, send a mudmail to Ayasha.
If you would like to help with our coding efforts, send a mudmail to

None of this answered my question(s), so what now?
-Our helpfiles are quite extensive and can be found both online at our website and right here in game by typing 'help <topic>'.  Specifically the
help newbie' file is a good place to start. And as always our Visitor's Guides,
Immortals, and friendly players will be happy to answer any questions you have

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