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Ajax Client

The Ajax Client for a Moment in Tyme is an excellent way to
connect to the mud if you do not have access to a full telnet
client. It also allows you to log in, even if you are currently
logged in from home, and see a mirror of what is happening on
your home connection.
There are several steps to take before you can use the Ajax
Client. First and foremost, you must initially log in to the
character you wish to use and type 'option ajax'. This will
enable the Ajah Client to be used on this character.
Next, go to the Moment in Tyme website located at:
Click on the Connect tab. In the right hand of your screen,
you will see an area for you to logon your mud character.
Once you logon to the character you enabled the Ajax Client
for, scroll down to where it says "Ajax enabled web client".
You should now be connected to your character. If you have
not already, you may choose to "Logon" the character of your

See also: Ajax Options

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